How To Manage Your Business Cash So You Make A Profit From Your Very First Sale
Masterclass – How To Manage Your Business Cash So You Make A Profit From Your Very First Sale With Tracy Sellers

In this masterclass, you will learn the proven strategies that have helped business leaders like you achieve the success and financial freedom you have always wanted. If you are in business-growing mode and serious about learning how to increase your revenue, The Profit First Cash Management System is the pathway to the profitability you crave.

Did you know…

Per, up to 66% of small businesses face financial challenges (

According to, up to 29% of new businesses reportedly failed because they ran out of cash (

In short, managing your finances is critical to your success—now more than ever—as more and more business leaders and entrepreneurs seek to earn income for themselves and their employees, as well as increase their hard-earned profits.
What you will learn in the “How To Manage Your Business Cash So You Make A Profit From Your Very First Sale" masterclass?
Our masterclasses help you with your personal and professional development through practical, hands-on strategies. 

In this particular class, led by profit consultant, Tracy Sellers, you will learn how to:

Implement The Profit First Cash Management System which will give you the tools you need to set your business up for financial success 

Ensure you’re able to pay yourself a regular wage 

Streamline your expenses 

Manage your debt and compliance 

Boost profits for your business

About the masterclass facilitator- Tracy Sellers, Profit Consultant
Tracy is the owner of Ironbark Industries Bookkeeping and is a BAS Agent Registered Bookkeeper and Certified Profit First Professional.   She says ... "It is my passion to help small businesses to thrive and become profitable. To make sure that businesses are sustainable and the business owner is able to pay themselves a regular wage, help them to manage their Debt and Compliance and of course ensure there is Profit in the business. We all work extremely hard in our business and it is nice to be rewarded each quarter with a Profit Distribution. It is good to know that the profit our business is making is an actual $ amount in a bank account and not just a figure on a piece of paper. By implementing Profit First under the guide of a Profit First Professional, you are taking the first steps to Financial Freedom. This is different for everyone, but may mean you can tackle your business (and personal) debt, save for a rainy day or a big business investment. Implementing Profit First was life changing for me. Knowing there is enough money in the bank each month to pay myself, to cover all of my business expenses, to meet my ATO commitments AND take a Profit Distribution each quarter is a huge stress relief."

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