Is building an online community your next business move? Perhaps it should be. According to ( ), online communities:

Have incredible ROI 

Positively impact a wide range of business outcomes, including customer loyalty, lower support costs, awareness, and branding

Your customers are the heart and soul of your business. With so many brands vying for attention in today’s digital space, it’s more important than ever to cultivate a connection with your followers.  

Online community management should be a part of your company’s strategy because you can:

Discover and engage members who can become ambassadors for your brand 

Foster a supportive community where users can share and learn relevant information 

Create lasting relationships with your customers 

Increase revenue through in-community advertising 

Improve your products or services by gathering and addressing feedback 

In short, knowing what it takes to build an active online community is a critical component of the success of your business. As business owners seek to obtain the loyalty of their customers, it’s more important than ever to connect and engage with members in meaningful ways.

Presenting Our "Introduction to Online Community Management" Masterclass
Your customers are the backbone of your business and the way you interact with them is a reflection of your brand. 

This masterclass is for you if you want to skyrocket your engagement with a dynamic community that keeps customers coming back for more. Don’t know where to start? Community development expert, Jillian Benbow, can help guide you with proven strategies for success.
Are you struggling with these common problems?
Typically, many business owners wrestle with three common challenges when it comes to building an online community:
  • Their focus is on the number of users rather than relationship-building 
  • They fail to take the needs of their members into account … so don’t connect or support their community as well as they could 
  • They underestimate the role of a community manager  
If you are a business owner who wants to learn how to develop and maintain a successful online community where customers feel connected to each other and your brand, Jillian Benbow’s practical, hands-on masterclass can help.
Here's what you'll learn in our "Introduction to Online Community Management" masterclass
Our masterclasses are designed to help you with your personal and professional development through practical, hands-on strategies. In An Introduction to Online Community Management with expert Jillian Benbow, you will learn:

What it takes to run a digital community that stands out from the crowd 

How to leverage your existing skill set to grow your community 

Ways to grow consumer trust and experience through community development

About the masterclass facilitator- Jillian Benbow
Jillian is part of the Smart Passive Income team and is their Director Community Experience.

Jillian was the kid who was often lost in her own imagination, which, despite her teacher's concerns, evolved into the unique skill of dreaming up creative business strategies. She is passionate about facilitating deeper human connections and helping mission-driven organizations achieve meaningful impact. In her free time, she loves taking advantage of the mountain paradise she calls home with her family.  

Jillan’s Superpowers:

All Things Community 

Program Management 

Strategic Planning 

Online Business Lift-Off: What business owners are saying about this masterclass:

"The Masterclass was very clear and easy to understand. It was very thorough and covered everything that you would need to know to run a community. It looks like a lot of work but I feel encouraged after attending the class, especially after Jilian said it is possible for introverts to run one!"

"Today was a great masterclass, this answered a few questions I had about online communities."

"Informative and entertaining. Jillian kept up a high level of audience engagement."

"I found this masterclass really helping for thinking about creating a community group and ways in which to get started."

"Interesting content, all helpful stuff to keep in mind as a community leader. I came into this because I'm an SPI Pro member and know first hand that Jillian would have good advice."

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